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GetinvestorsA global community of Startup Founders, Entrepreuners, Developers, Mentors, Industrial Partners and Professional Investors.
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YCombinator Startup SchoolA global community of startup founders participating in the YCombinator course. The YCombinator Startup School is a free 10-week course available upon application. Once you’ve enrolled in the course, students have access to the online community and forum to meet and engage with other entrepreneurs.
SaaStrSaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help everyone get from $0 to $100m ARR with less stress and more success. We do that with a combination of industry-leading content and community connections.
Indie HackersLearn from the founders behind hundreds of profitable online businesses, and connect with others who are starting and growing their own companies.
SaaS Growth HacksSGH is a community of founders, CEOs, and professionals related to the SaaS world. This group has helped thousands of folks start, scale, and run their SaaS businesses.
r/SaaSDiscussions and useful links for SaaS owners, online business owners, and more
SaaS Products & MarketingEntrepreneur? Marketer? Consultant? Welcome to SaaS Product & Marketing! Introduce yourself and let everybody know what you're working on 🙂 This group was created for sharing tips, strategies and case studies about SaaS products.
SaaS RevolutionSaaS Revolutionaries is a curated group for SaaS founders, executives, and investors. We aim to connect SaaS leaders on a global scale, fostering opportunities to learn and grow within the SaaS community.
MicroconfJoin a vibrant community of nearly 1,500 founders and aspiring founders of startups and SaaS companies from around the globe. We host a weekly live streamed AMA with founders of some of the most influential SaaS businesses from around the world, host various networking opportunities, and much more.
Republic of SaaSHyper growth Community of SaaS Investors, founders, ecosystem partners including incubators, podcasters, mentors and advisors.
SaaS AllianceWe are an invite-only community for SaaS founders & professionals. Established to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices.
SaaS Marketing LeadersFor experienced marketers, consultants and other practitioners working in SaaS to share insights and best practice with peers.
SaaS CommunitySaaS companies are everywhere. We believe in connecting to create a strong community where you can learn, explore and help eachother. Our platform supports this mission.
SaaS InvadersA Kick SaaS Community. All topics on SaaS growth, marketing, customer success, product, sales and business.
Cloud Computing & SaaS ForumTHE most trusted IT community. Get fast answers to your questions and connect with other IT pros and vendors.
LunadioTurn your side project into profitable business. Private community of indie hackers helping each other build startups.
Synergy4SaaSThe Collaboration Network For SaaS Marketers. Build more links. Gain exposure. Drive more sales.
MastermindJamMastermindJam helps online founders join a business mastermind group for feedback and accountability. Plus, expert coaching when you need it. Stay accountable, feel heard, and get unstuck. A few of the best parts of MastermindJam: - Private Video Meetings - Private Group Matching - Accountability - Goal Tracking - In-meeting Group Productivity Tools - Weekly Checkins - Groups for Bootstrapped Indie SaaS Founders - Groups for Indie Course Creators - Groups for Female SaaS Founders - Members from around the globe (not limited to US)
GrowthMentorStartup founders with growth-oriented companies can almost always benefit from mentorship. With GrowthMentor, fully vetted startup mentors can help founders and entrepreneurs navigate startup ownership and help them scale their business effectively. Not only do members gain access to a large pool of mentors, but they also receive an invitation to the platform’s Slack channel, where they can network and connect with other entrepreneurs, founders, and growth marketers.
Founders NetworkMentorship is a valuable addition for any entrepreneur or founder; Founders Network makes it easy to find mentors or to become a mentor yourself. By providing a peer-based mentorship program, the site encourages entrepreneurs to connect and communicate with others to help propel startups forward. In addition, the site hosts a Peer Advisory Board to help entrepreneurs with strategic problem solving as well as opportunities with angel investors and venture capital firms. To join, you will be required to pay an annual fee of $41 to $208 or a lifetime membership fee of $10,000.
No Code FoundersIf you are an entrepreneur with a no-code business model or even a non-technical entrepreneur, No Code Founders is a great resource for you. On this platform, you can meet other entrepreneurs in your industry to network and receive feedback. Additionally, you gain access to a myriad of tools and resources for no-code businesses and insights to help make your business a success.
Product HuntIf you are a startup founder, CEO, designer, or developer that is passionate about innovative products, Product Hunt is the community for you. Primarily focused on tech products such as apps and websites, Product Hunt also offers a plethora of other industry types such as podcasts, games, and more. Perhaps the best use for this platform is for startups to receive valuable input and feedback from other product enthusiasts about their designs. However, Product Hunt is also used to schedule meetups and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.
Startup NationStartup Nation is a tremendous resource for novice entrepreneurs looking to connect and learn about every stage of the startup process. From business planning to acquiring startup funding, Startup Nation’s community forums provide readers with a platform to give and receive answers to questions from other entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. Additionally, the site has a radio show called Startup Nation Radio for entrepreneurs that can’t get enough startup content!
Scaling SaaS FoundersMy mission in life is to support 1M founders to scale their SaaS companies. I created this group to connect SaaS founders from around the world through an [ASK] and [GIVE] model.
You're either asking for something (advice, feedback, an intro) or giving something (expertise, conference tickets, etc...). No outside "viral" content of any kind, or posting your link for "beta" users. There are plenty of those types of posts outside of this group, and they can easily dilute the intimacy of this environment.
FoundersBetaFoundersBeta is a community whose main focus is connecting founders, workers, and professionals to enable each party to reach their goals. Whether you’re a startup founder looking for a co-founder or a designer seeking employment opportunities at startup companies — FounderBeta boasts a membership of over 10,000 users waiting to connect. To join, you must apply to use the service and pay a $199 annual membership fee.
Latka SaaS HackersLatka SaaS Hackers is a community for software as a service (SaaS) founders, investors, and CEOs. This data-driven platform gives these parties access to valuable industry analytics, data, and insights that can help propel their company forward. In addition to valuable information, site members receive access to a litany of useful software tools and exclusive discounts with industry partners. The annual membership fee is $499, and you must complete an application to be accepted.
SaaS Founders ClubSaaS entrepreneurs can apply for access to this free founders club that offers a platform for novice and experienced software entrepreneurs alike to connect and collaborate. The aim of the SaaS Founders Club is to make important information and teachable moments accessible to all SaaS company founders.
Nomad ListOne of the drawbacks of working remotely is that it can sometimes mean sacrificing valuable connections. Fortunately, online communities such as Nomad List provide a space for remote entrepreneurs, workers, expats, and online business owners to connect. On this platform, you can also find resources and tools for the best places to work remotely as well as important information to make your nomadic work life a success. To become a member, you will need to pay a fee, which ranges from $74.99 to $99, depending on the tier of membership you choose.
Lean Startup CircleStarted in San Francisco, the Lean Startup Circle provides a space for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs of lean startups to connect in person and online. Additionally, this community offers a myriad of resources and answers to common entrepreneurial questions. With over 80,000 users sharing insights and ideas, this resource is bound to offer some helpful advice for entrepreneurs at varying stages.
StartupSauceSpecifically built to support SaaS entrepreneurs, StartupSauce provides an online community for entrepreneurs to learn from other founders, build connections, and even secure valuable partnerships. Additionally, members can participate in a number of helpful workshops and courses on everything from public relations to marketing.
The 10X FactoryGrowth oriented startups, The 10X Factory is a great online startup community to consider. The name of this online startup community represents the intention of the organization; to help growth-oriented companies to grow 10X larger than they are when they join. This is accomplished by connecting members with an extensive network of founders and CEOs to give valuable feedback, develop partnerships, and more.
Future FoundersAspiring entrepreneurs or young founders, this is the online startup community for you. Future Founders provides educational resources, services, and more to a wide range of young folks with entrepreneurial goals in mind. Separated into three categories; middle school, high school, and 18-30, this organization aims to give the younger generations the tools they need to be successful startup owners.
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