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Exodus Space Corp was founded in 2018 by Miguel Ayala, with a unique mission in mind: create completely reusable, AI-operated spaceplanes capable of horizontal takeoff and landing.

Ayala has nearly two decades of experience in engineering, as well as experience serving as a leader of engineering teams involved in developing spacecraft, aircraft, ground support, and more. Their flagship project is the Astroclipper, a two-stage-to-orbit spaceplane.

The Astroclipper will be created to be fully reusable and very efficient, with supersonic and hypersonic engines paired with rocket engines. It will be able to launch from virtually any runway, with no damage to the surrounding area. This versatile design is intended to be used and reused for multiple purposes, including junk collection, transporting space crew and cargo, and commercial spaceflight, and stands to have a major impact on the way we think of space travel.

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