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Heart Aerospace is a Swedish company founded in 2018 by Anders Forslund, a senior researcher at Chalmers University of Technology.

Heart intends to create the fastest, least expensive, and most sustainable mode of regional travel. Their first major project is the ES-19, an electric airliner that uses their innovative electric drivetrain, capable of carrying the weight of nineteen passengers and covering a distance of nearly 250 miles, all with zero emissions.

The company's goal is to have the ES-19 ready for commercial use by 2025, but 2020 should be a big year for them, as well.

They are in the preliminary design phase, which should prove interesting for the industry as a whole.

As one of a relatively small number of aerospace startups focusing their attention on fully electric aircraft, Heart's development of the ES-19 from design to implementation will definitely be worth watching.

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