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Quantpaper: Innovation managers or consultants are measured based on how much they can grow the business by proposing smarter strategic objectives and partnerships.
They need to combine internal technological capabilities with deep market understanding including technological use-cases and business dynamics.
Our goal is to help them do their research and decisions easier and smarter.
90% of prospects confirmed quantification of trends and market dynamics is inadequate and a major decision factor when formulating innovation strategy.
50% of companies need SW help with technology market research and would benefit from a tool extracting insights from news for them to streamline their research efforts.

Based on validation we decided to create new market segment combining startup funding, market trends intelligence and strategy formulation. Due to our focus on just technological innovation we are able to create an effective and lean combination of Pitchbook, Netbase Quid and Hype Innovation. We aim to help companies connect the dots typically disparate in several tools and do research on attractive strategic partnerships faster, easier and in more inspired way. At the end there are concrete partnership proposals that have best strategic fit to given focus.

The solution is composed of suggestive term search and filtering, interactive dashboards, textual insights, strategy breakdown and newsfeeds based on past queries

State-of-the-art NLP and Graph NN skills enable us to build a connection engine powered by our automatically generated knowledge graph (KG).
We connect the dots between keywords and entities extracted from news articles and scientific papers.

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