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Sequoia Capital:

Since 1972, we have partnered early and at every stage of growth with the founders of companies that now have an aggregate, public market value of over $3.3 trillion.

Sequoia Capital is an American venture capital firm.

The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and mainly focuses on the technology industry.

It has backed companies that now control $1.4 trillion of combined stock market value.

Sequoia manages multiple investment funds including funds specific to India & Southeast Asia, Israel, and China.

The firm has offices in Menlo Park, Singapore, Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, London and Tel Aviv.

Sequoia invests in both public and private companies.

It specializes in incubation, seed stage, startup stage, early stage, and growth stage investments in private companies.[

Sequoia Capital has invested in over 1000 companies since 1972, including Apple, Google, Oracle, Nvidia, GitHub, PayPal, LinkedIn, Stripe, Bird, YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, Klarna, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

The combined current public market value for these companies is over $1.4 trillion, equivalent to 22 percent of Nasdaq.

Its portfolio is mainly in financial services, healthcare, outsourcing, and technology.

As of 2017, they have exited in 68 initial public offerings and 203 acquisitions.[20]

In March 2020, Sequoia Capital announced that it is opening a fundraiser for about US$7bn for its latest set of venture capital funds, testing investor appetite for technology start-ups in the US and south-east Asia as a response to the coronavirus market damage.

The fundraiser is set to end as soon as July.

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