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Zen Educate wants to solve the problem of education recruitment by connecting teachers with openings in schools without having to go through an education recruiter.

The startup was founded based on the simple observation that working with an education recruiter is frustrating for schools, as recruiters are driven by their commissions and the more they charge schools, the less the pay teachers, the more they take with them.

This seriously hinders the education system schools and students rely on. Zen Educate provides an online platform that matches teachers with relevant openings in schools. You just need to fill in some information about yourself, your needs and Zen Educate takes care of finding you the appropriate position you’re looking for.

Founded in 2017, the London-based education startup has raised a €6.7 million seed round in September 2019 to improve its matching algorithm and services.

Based in
  • Canterbury Court, Brixton Rd, Vassal, London SW9 6DE, Regno Unito

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