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(B2B Saas), Match-Making Software for Founders / Investors / Suppliers, In your specific Country / Industry. (With direct Payments & Geolocation). Search Locally, Expand Globally. Add also your Business now!

Find the Best Companies, directly around you!

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How does it work?

1) FREE Login now!

Are you a Startup Founder, Angel / Investor / VC, or a Company Supplier for the Startups Ecosystem? Click and choose your Countries Target and your best Verticals / Industries. 


2) Add your Company

Add your Company and let Buyers know about your Business. Are you in the Fintech or Medical Industry?

SaaS Software or Digital Products? Only in your Country or do you want to expand your Product/Solution Internationally?

The more “active filters” you add for your Company, the more opportunities you have to be found directly by your Audience.


3) Direct Payments & Geolocation

(Zero Commissions)

Exactly like you, we prefer that People get “Payments and New Clients” instead of “infinite messages and Empty Words”.

Doesn’t matter if you are big or small in your niche. If you are looking for New Clients, New Partners & New Investors in your specific Country / Industry, this is the Best Software for your Company

That’s why we have built GETINVESTORS. Take a look from Inside, FREE Login Now!.

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